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"Suneo Honekawa" joint, Zhejiang Jingmao brand international Ip "Lamborghini" and Xiaomi will collide with what sparks?

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Zhejiang Jingmao Brand Management Co. , Ltd. and Xiaomi have gone through 15 months of cooperation and negotiation, from repeated product revisions to approval by the Italian headquarters, all the way through difficulties and difficulties, the arduous process and the unpredictable nature of the epidemic caused the project to be delayed until now, but the project was successfully approved and a customized version of the MI 9 go kart pro Lamborghini was launched at Xiaomi's 10th anniversary keynote!




At Xiaomi  10th anniversary event, Mr. Lei Jun presented a customized version of the go kart Pro lamborghini as a tribute to Xiaomi's 10th anniversary, making the Lamborghini go kart in its most appropriate and dazzling form. And as such a tribute, go-kart Pro Lamborghini bespoke edition from any angle, whether from the outside or the inside, people are genuinely impressed.





At the same time, with the joint efforts of Zhejiang Jingmao Brand Management Co. , Ltd. and Xiaomi, Xiaomi's cross-border cooperation with Lamborghini has made Lamborghini go-karts the first Lamborghini owned by young people. Let's congratulate Xiaomi for making the Lamborghini go-cart run in this wonderful cross-border cooperation success!







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